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Field Alliance
Release Time:2016-03-15 02:55:09 Browse Number:656
Field Alliance

IvsGood game service center; the site ( is only engaged in fictitious product transactions, taking the establishment of virtual industry-centered achievement as its chief goal. Now, field alliance win-win plan is launched and game digital product distributors worldwide are sincerely invited to check in, 50% fees is remitted for the first 100 sellers who check in, including various functions in follow-up development of the site.
Requirements for sellers: 1. must have their own or the company's independent sales platform , 2.  the platform must conform to the act of law for the Internet, 3. People who check in must provide corresponding procedures,  (1) Real personal information or business license of a corporation, (2) must have at least 3 years experience in virtual industry, be it an individual or a company.

Don't bother contacting if you do not meet requirements stated above.

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