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Policy Privacy
Release Time:2016-01-15 10:43:04 Browse Number:2208

IvsGood Privacy Policy:


1.IvsGood users under 18 years old are ban to register or use the site without the help of their guardian or parent.

2.IvsGood will establish and maintain a reasonable procedure to protect the minors and the confidentiality and security

of personal data. Guardians should bear the primary responsibility to protect the privacy of minors in the network environment.

3. IvsGood collected the minors personal information only for the purpose of replying the minors’ specific requirements.

Once completed the reply, it will be removed from the record immediately, and will not retain this information for further use.

4.IvsGood user must have a PAYPAL account. Registered users’ address must be matched with the address of the PAYPAL account,or upload the utility bills address of the latest three months’ to the address authentication of the billing, in order to makebuyers and sellers achieve the trading process successfully.

5.IvsGood only provides the trading services of the games and the digital products, please do not post images or ads which areunrelated to the games and the digital products. User under the experience process may not allow spread the information aboutpornography, obscenity, and contrary to law or irrelevant to the trading.

6.IvsGood users only can for one person one account to buy or sell. Please use common IP address to log in and assure the accountsworking normally, in order to avoid the problems of landing restriction and the checking of the account security.

7.IvsGood’s sellers and buyers are forbidden to do a serious acting which are violate the trading ethics such as evaluate,

blackmail, asking and etc.

8.IvsGood bail helps to improve the mutual credibility between the buyer and seller, which is submitted of their own will.

The costs arising from the account will be seize on the 24th every month, and we will inform you by Station Letters.

9.IvsGood prohibited fraud, once we find that we will put your account information in the blacklist and that will be a

lifetime ban to use the site.

10.IvsGood registered users final ownership owned by IvsGood. Registered users must strictly comply with IvsGood site’s rules.

The above policy and privacy are continuously updating, and we will notify you by station letter, please timely information. Onceviolate the above regulations we will suspend your right to use, and we will release to your account, after we are completeour survey to your account.

Copyright 2013-2016 IvsGood. All Rights Reserved